Project Team and Advisors


Team Leader: Jonee Kulman Brigham, Research Coordinator Center for Sustainable Building Research, MS-Sustainable Design Faculty, College of Design/ Sustainable Art and Design of Infrastructure in Environmental Education (current graduate work in Liberal Studies


University of Minnesota Advisers

Roslye Ultan, Liberal Studies Senior Faculty: Art History/Visual Culture/Environmental & Public Art/ Curator

Fred Finley, Associate Professor, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction / Environmental Education

Patrick Nunnally, Coordinator, Institute on the Environment’s River Life Program / River Sustainability & Stories

Faye Sleeper, Water Resources Center Co-Director /Social aspects of water management, Extension

Christina Manning, Liberal Studies Faculty /Psychology of Sustainable Behavior

Christine Baeumler, Associate Professor, Department of Art / Environmental and Community Based Art

Virajita Singh, Sr. Research Fellow, Center for Sustainable Bldg. Research/ Community Sustainable Design Assistance / Design for Community Resilience

Gerald Allen, Liberal Studies Faculty / Architect, Public Artist, Creativity Development, Future Studies

Theresa H. Bipes, Research Coordinator, Institute on the Environment/ Communications and Environmental Education/ Interpretive Specialist

Gail Buhl, Education Program Manager, The Raptor Center, University of Minnesota

Community Participants

Linda Henning, Metropolitan Council Waste Water Treatment Plant Environmental Education Coordinator

Sage Passi* , Watershed Education Specialist, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District

Jim Bode*, Water Quality Supervisor, St. Paul Regional Water Services

Bill Dircks*, Public Works Superintendent, City of Little Canada Water Department

April Rust, DNR Coordinator for Project Wet (Water Education for Teachers)

Jack Becker, Director Forecast Public Art / Public Art Planning Process

Audrey Robinson Favorito*, Educational Media Specialist

John M. Smith, Environmental Education Specialist

Beth Wiskus*, MA, MT-BC, NMT Board Certified Music Therapist Interview

Brian Goodspeed*, Park Ranger, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

(* Also project participants in delivering Downstream/Upstream)

 Project Participants

Jill Finnegan, Director, Children’s Discovery Academy / Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction

Marty Welch, Owner, Children’s Discovery Academy / Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction

Teaching Staff, Children’s Discovery Academy, Especially AmyJane, Julie, Jamie, Katie, Jenny

Parents and Children of Children’s Discovery Academy